Rotating and alternating motion controls

Equipment to prepare and weld Zentex spindle tapes with overlapped welding

Chamfering machine

A tool for chamfering spindle tape ends in order to avoid a double thickness on the welding spot.
Inspect regularly the wear and tear of the abrasive paper on the pulley and replace the paper if necessary.
It is supplied:

  • three-phase motor HP 0,25 220/380 V 1400 r.p.m.
  • single-phase motor HP 0,25 220 or 110 V 1400 r.p.m.

Thermistor pliers

A tool with a teflon heating plate. It is electronically preset to keep the given temperature steady. The pressure of the pliers plates can be easily adjusted by means of an adjuster screw, according to the thickness of the spindle tape to weld. The two pliers plates should be always kept clean.

  • Resistance 120Watt 220 V

Thermotronic pliers

Besides the characteristics of the Thermistor pliers, with these pliers it is possible to change the temperature on the thermostat and to set the time necessary for welding on the timer. The pliers signal the complete welding by means of a warning light which goes out automatically when the operation is completed.

  • Resistance: 120 Watt 220 Volt
  • It can also be supplied with a trolley

Preparation and welding of Zentex spindle tapes with overlapped welding


Cut the spindle tape in the optimum (net) working length plus 20 or 30 mm., according to the type of spindle tape.


  • net length mm. 2000
  • extra length mm. 30
  • length to cut mm. 2030


Chamfer both ends 20-30 mm. in length, according to the type of spindle tape.


Wet lightly and evenly the two chamfered ends and put one on the other, lining them up.


Make sure the pliers have reached the given temperature and close with a good pressure. Insert the two superimposed and lined-up ends and close. Remove them after the time given in the instructions and allow them to cool before using them.

Prearranged welding for spindle tapes with ends prepared in advance

Remove the protective films, put the two ends one on the other and follow the same welding process as above, in accordance with the instructions given for the type of spindle tape.