Rotating and alternating motion controls

Zentex Srl - Valdagno (Vicenza, Italy)

Zentex has been working for over 60 years in the field of accessories for textile machines. In the last forty  years it has specifically devoted itself to the transmission systems of spinning frames and twisters, studying and gradually improving spindle tapes in order to conform them to the latest developments of modern technology. Its research has focused first of all on the adoption of materials which better suit the higher speed of spindles and  then on more and more careful manufacture in order to increase the life span of tapes, to reduce energy consumption, to simplify fitting procedures and consequently to make maintenance easier and reduce it to a minimum. Afterwards Zentex has studied and developed new systems of alternative movements. In order to replace traditional movements, a new pulling nylon-steel strap has been introduced and patented. It combines incomparable flexibility and lack of elongation with exceptional resistance and endurance thus allowing the lifting of very heavy loads. For its high and sophisticated technological qualities, its reliability and life-span, Zentex pulling nylon-steel strap is used in spinning frames, twisters, fly frames and their respective headsocks  all over the world. In the end Zentex has expanded the sectors where the lifting tapes can be used by applying them in other fields such as the lifting and automotive industry. Quality, accuracy, reliability and indefatigable research for new solutions have always been and still are Zentex's main principles and characteristics.

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